We are excited to share that Rockford Consulting has a new opportunity to offer Bill.com to our clients! Bill.com is a tool that automates Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable functions. We know as a small to medium sized business, you are always in need of support and guidance when it comes to running your back office processes in an easy, efficient and manageable way. That is why we are proud to be adding Bill.com to our Technology Stack and now offering to help solve this gap for you and your business.

Some benefits of utilizing Bill.com include:

  • Greater Visibility and Control
    • Dashboard overview of cash flow activity, custom To Do List and Pending Approvals
  • Reduced Data Entry
    • Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) captures all the important information for your invoices, auto-enters it for your review and moves it through a workflow for your approval
  • Financial Process Efficiency
    • Easy access to the information you need for budgeting, forecasting and analysis
  • Integrations
  • Easy Implementation & On-Boarding
    • By Partnering with Rockford Consulting, our clients can get up and running with Bill.com in no time.

By using Bill.com, you will save time and money! It is a simple, automated, and organized platform that handles all of your Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable information in one place.